August Sunday Meeting 8/21

Sunday, August 21st Speaker Chris Byrd

Chris Byrd was elected the Committeeman for SD 25 on the Senate Republican Executive Committee (SREC) at the recent GOP Convention in Houston. It was also his fourth time to attend as a Delegate to vote on what makes the Republican Party of Texas so successful and conservative. This year he is served on the Platform Committee as the Chairman of the Constitutional subcommittee, an important duty that decides issues relevant to our party’s platform.

Chris is an attorney/CPA by profession and a resident of Comal County

for more than 20 years. His vast knowledge of the law makes him an excellent choice for committeeman. In the past Chris was asked by the Center for Security Policy to volunteer as lead counsel to pushback against Sharia Law being honored in Texas Courts. He also stopped the American Civil Liberties Union’s, ACLU, attempt to intimidate Texas pastors.