Flag Day Message

Chairman Allen West’s
Monday Message for 6.14.21

Lt. Col Allen West

This We’ll Defend

Good Monday, everyone!

It is Flag Day. Yes, it is quite certain to be a day that the progressive socialist left despises. It is a meaningful day to those who believe in and honor our America, and its symbol, the Stars and Stripes. Those of us who have lived a life of service and sacrifice to our nation know that one day, that American Flag will drape over our coffin as we pass from this life to another. It was the American flag that was draped over my dad’s casket, and my mom’s, for her civilian service to the United States Marine Corps. It also covered my father-in-law’s coffin as he was laid to rest. It will be that flag that will be there at my older brother’s going home, my very own, and that of my nephew, when it is our time.

That is why Flag Day is memorable in the West family, as it is for many other patriotic families. But Flag Day also has a deeper, greater meaning for those of us who are American soldiers.

It was on this day, June 14, 1775, that our United States Army was founded. Yes, today is the 246th anniversary, the birthday of our American Army. It is an impeccable history, full of grand traditions and stories of bravery and heroism that will live on through the ages . . . unless we allow the nefarious cancel culture cretins to prevail. And, yes, if you noticed the date, there was an American Army before there was an America . . . same with our Navy and Marine Corps which came later in the very same year, 1775.

But, it is the motto of the US Army, the title of this missive, which is our focal point for this message. Before there was a nation — which would later be formed — there was something to defend, an ideal, individual rights, freedoms, and liberty. This is why we must join the battle against the acolytes of cancel culture and their deranged pursuit to not revise American history but eliminate it completely. A soldier, such as myself, asks a simple question: if, according to the progressive socialist leftists, America was founded in 1619, why did it take so long to create its Army, Navy, and Marine Corps? What is the value of the Army’s motto, “This We’ll Defend,” if it is not tied to the true founding and establishment of America, on July 4, 1776?

We cannot allow this delusion to proliferate into our schools and culture. This is a great endeavor, one for which we must engage, and win.

But, it is not just the motto of the Army that applies to America as a whole. The words “This We’ll Defend” have a very important meaning for us here in Texas. Just recently a book was released, titled, Forget the Alamo: The Rise and Fall of an American Myth by Bryan Burrough, Chris Tomlinson, and Jason Stanford. The following day, the authors of this book wrote an article for Time magazine, on June 9th titled, “We’ve Been Telling the Alamo Story Wrong for Nearly 200 Years. Now It’s Time to Correct the Record.” Every true Texan should be highly offended by this, regardless of being Black, White, Hispanic, Asian . . . it does not matter. It is disconcerting, to say the least, for these gentlemen to question “heroism” associated with the defenders of The Alamo. I did find it interesting that the article made no mention of Juan Seguin and the other “Texicans” who bravely fought, and lost their lives, defending The Alamo.

Yes, “This We’ll Defend!” It is time for us to defend the Texas Republic against this leftist onslaught. This assault against The Alamo by these three individuals is exactly why we need monument and historical marker protection in Texas. When these writers elevate a brutal dictator over those who fought for a free Texas, well, “Houston, we have a problem.” That means we must defend the Texas Republic, and our schools, from the critical race theorists and revisionist historians who have no issue celebrating dictators.

We must defend the sovereignty of Texas as a free and independent state. It is not just about building a fence, but we must review and update our laws on illegal immigration and crossing. We must utilize our Texas National Guard and Texas State Guard, perhaps revising their mission statements.

We must defend our Texas election laws to ensure we do not enable the leftist, Marxist, exploitation of gaps in order to undermine honest and fair elections in the Lone Star State. We must defend the issue of individual private property rights and not have a system of taxation in Texas that is aligned with Marxist principles, such as a progressive tax and elimination of private property. Texans should be able to own their own homes, not continually see rising taxes against their property which preclude them ever achieving such.

We must defend our essential liberty and never again allow anyone to rule over Texas by orders, decrees, mandates, and edicts. Never again must Texans be told that they are or are not essential, and watch our small businesses, the real economic engine, be crushed.

We must defend the children of the Texas Republic from being brutally murdered within the womb, or chemically and surgically deformed. Life, unborn and born, is the very first unalienable right and must be defended. We must end the practice of promoting the mental condition of gender dysphoria to our children, and then tragically altering their bodies. This is something from which an organization founded by a white supremacist and racist, Planned Parenthood, now seeks financial profit. We must defend our Texas girls who seek to participate in sports from having those who are biological males competing against them in competitions. This abhorrence will be the end of Title IX and the opportunities for young Texas girls to achieve scholarships and go on to greater athletic achievement.

Yes, today is Flag Day, and when you gaze upon the American flag, always remember that it is the Lone Star of the Texas flag that illuminates the other 49. But, there is a grand decision that we must all make, shall we honor our flag, and shall we live by the motto, “This We’ll Defend?”

Texas is not about where you came from, or where you were born. It is about a spirit, an indomitable rugged individualism that was not birthed from a myth. If we are to preserve the Constitutional Republic we call America and its flag for generations, we must first answer the call of defending the Texas Republic, and its Lone Star.

Join with me, be a soldier for Texas, and live by the words, “This We’ll Defend.”

Steadfast and Loyal,

LTC Allen B. West (Ret.)
Republican Party of Texas




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